THE LOVE GAP Is Out January 23! (+ My Favorite 2017 Stories)

January 03, 2018
THE LOVE GAP Is Out January 23! (+ My Favorite 2017 Stories)

First off, I'll start with the biggie: THE LOVE GAP: A RADICAL PLAN TO WIN IN LIFE AND LOVE will arrive on January 23, 2018! ***whoa*** I can't believe this two-year journey will finally come to a close, and I can't wait for women to read it. You can pre-order now.

I also wanted to start 2018 by sharing my favorite stories from 2017. Here are my top picks.

#1: A major reason I wrote The Love Gap

#2: Another major reason I wrote TLG (blame my male bestie; he knows who he is):
What If This Is the Reason Straight Dudes Won't Commit? via Man Repeller

#3: How I learned to save my sanity and preserve my peace of mind:
Why Is It So Hard for Women to Be Selfish? via Vogue

#4: Answering the most common question people ask me about relationships:

#5: Putting my ugly breakup into context as I started to write my book: 
Try Before You Buy via Psychology Today

#6: An ode to my friends (who are the best): 

#7: Cuz you don't gotta say a damn thing about your love:

#8: Cuz T-Swift's songs spoke to me all Nov/Dec: 

I'll be checking in again once the book has finally landed. But as we start 2018, thank you so much for your support. It means the world.


The Love Gap Galleys Have Arrived + More Updates

October 01, 2017
The Love Gap Galleys Have Arrived + More Updates

As I learned this week, meeting your book for the first time IRL is kinda like meeting that Bumble guy you've been talking to for a while. Things seeeeeem to be going well. Your schedules are fiiiinally lining up. But will it actually be everything you want it to be?

It's so great when the answer is, "Yes, and more."

On Wednesday, an unexpected box arrived in my apartment building's lobby. I popped the top, and behold! About 15 perfect pink galleys of The Love Gap. It is fairly mind-boggling to hold your (almost) finished book, looking all sparkly and new and fabulous. All of a sudden, that pub date in January feels a teensy bit real.

Can't wait that long? Neither can I! But at least there's pre-order if you want to get it very first. (Know I am forever grateful.)

Anyway, exciting TLG things going on, and I'm excited to get the book out there to you. But in the meantime, you can catch up on my writing in other ways. I've been scribbling a ton on Myers-Briggs (for the last two or three people who aren't aware I'm sorta into that). You can read those stories over at Teen Vogue, or see both my MBTI work and past relationship columns at Yahoo.

And for a fun sign-off, check out my personal connection to one of The Love Gap's key themes (how men deal with connection, timing, #LIFE) in this essay for Man Repeller.


Grab a Copy of Cosmopolitan’s July Issue!

June 07, 2017
Grab a Copy of Cosmopolitan’s July Issue!

I have a story in the July issue of Cosmopolitan! Love or Ambition: Do You Have to Choose? is on page 70, and explores a major theme of my book. Oh, yeah… and this is my very first magazine feature with a byline for THE LOVE GAP. Closing in on six months to go-time. As I polish off edits, I’m beyond excited to share it with you.

More soon!


My New Advice Column + Book Release Date

March 27, 2017
My New Advice Column + Book Release Date

Two quick news pegs on this Monday morning:

My new dating and relationship column has launched on Yahoo, running every Friday. I’ll be tackling some reader questions in the future, so please feel free to send your relationship problems and queries to Please place “YAHOO QUESTION” in the subject line, so I don’t miss it. I’ll read every one, and will try to answer as many questions as I can in upcoming posts.

I also have an official release date for THE LOVE GAP! The book will drop on January 23, 2018. (You can also pre-order it now, yay.) Mark your calendars…


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