February 28, 2018
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Here are just some of my favorite stories, across genres:

Why Are Men Still Afraid of Ambitious Women?, Cosmopolitan
The Accidental Eating Disorder Powered By Social Media: Orthorexia, Yahoo Health
‘Concussion’ Begs the Question: Is the Risk Too Great to Play Contact Sports?, Yahoo Health
Why Don't We Hear About the High Number of Male Domestic Abuse Victims?, Yahoo Health
Most Doctors Couldn’t Spot a Human Trafficking Victim. Could You?, Yahoo Health
Should We Execute the Mentally Ill?, Yahoo Health

Generation Breakup Then Makeup, ELLE
How to Know If You're Settling, Man Repeller
How Taylor Swift And Her Fans Discovered Love Together, Yahoo Lifestyle
I Quit Online Dating. Should You?, Yahoo Health
The 'Right' Age to Get Married, Yahoo Health

Why Is It So Hard For Women to Be Selfish?, Vogue
What If This Is The Reason Straight Dudes Won't Commit?, Man Repeller
How I Learned to Love a Body That’s Always Fighting Me Back, Yahoo Beauty
Why I Celebrate the Day I Was Dumped, Glamour
A Case for Trying (Really) Hard to Make Friends as an Adult, Man Repeller

Does Time's Person of the Year Imply Real Progress?, Man Repeller
Elon Musk and the Sexist Double Standard of Empathy, SELF
In Praise of Secret Relationships, Nylon
The Most Refreshing Thing About Prince Harry's Engagement to Meghan Markle, Yahoo Lifestyle

Magic Words: The Secret Science Behind "I Love You," Psychology Today
Giving a Compliment Can Make Someone’s Day — And Yours, Fitbit
Is Selfie Culture Helping or Hurting Our Feelings of Self-Worth?, Yahoo Health
Your Secret Power of Intuition, Teen Vogue

Are E-Cigarettes Helpful or Harmful? A Look at the Science, Yahoo Health
Why So Many Americans Are Turning To Complementary Medicine, Yahoo Health
What You Need to Know About Getting Help If You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted, Teen Vogue
All About Naloxone: The Drug That Reverses Overdoses, Health

How to Tell Your Personality Style From the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Teen Vogue
Why Does the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Seem So Eerily Accurate?, Yahoo Health
Your Romantic ‘Type’ Based On Your Myers Briggs Personality Type, Yahoo Style
How to Find Out Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type—And What It Means, Well + Good

Want Brighter Skin? Why Vitamin C Is The Answer, Allure
How to Wear Spring’s Pastel Makeup Without Looking Like a Teenager, Yahoo Beauty
The Cool New Way to Wear Winged Liner, Yahoo Beauty

Does This Decades-Old Study Mean Everything We Know About Eating Is Wrong?, Yahoo Beauty
Eating Disorders Actually Change the Way Food Tastes, Teen Vogue
The Weird Side Effect of Taking Tylenol, SELF

Founders, You Can Take a Vacation, Startups.co
She Didn’t Know Her Husband Could Also Be Her Rapist, Dr Oz. The Good Life
The Tragic Life of America’s First Supermodel, Yahoo Beauty

My print clips can't always be found online. If you'd like to see more, would like a copy of my print clips, or have additional questions about my work or experience, feel free to contact me.

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