March 08, 2019
Are you ready to find The One, launch a business, or take the next step in your career? People ask me for help all the time. Let's chat.

Note: All fees must be paid upfront, and coaching time slots pre-established.


Dating Coach
I’ve been writing, advising and researching relationships and dating for the past nine years. I’ve performed hundreds of in-depth interviews with singles, couples, researchers, therapists, psychologists, sociologists and other experts in the field of love to understand what makes modern relationships really work. I am author of the self-help book THE LOVE GAP, to help single women navigate a confusing dating landscape. Coaching with me can help you figure out:

  • How to approach dating on apps
  • How to meet matches IRL
  • How to separate gut feelings from emotions
  • How to tune our external noise influencing your love life
  • How to get over familial and cultural expectations for your love life
  • How to determine when to break up
  • How to determine when to stick it out with someone of high potential 

What happy clients have said...

"Jenna's research and experience give a unique perspective to what's happening in your specific situation, and opened my eyes to what I could achieve. I really felt like Jenna led me to my own answers instead of telling me what to do--she's almost like a therapist-disguised-as-an-author. Her encouragement to say, "Why not?" and give everyone a chance led me to my last first date and perfect fiancé. Thank you!!"


"Jenna literally nailed my relationship situation to the very finest detail, and I broke it off with my girlfriend of one year after perseverating for weeks over whether or not I was making the right decision. It was one of the most difficult things I'd ever had to do; she was an amazing girl that checked every single box, but I hadn't been able to shake the feeling that something is missing. Jenna's perspective was enlightening and something I really needed to hear. I have now been single for like 7 months. Although I had reservations when the breakup first happened, I am very happy now and she is seeing someone else. I am so happy for her!"


My pricing

I am offering à la carte one-on-one coaching or consulting. Your first 30-minute session is free; each meeting thereafter is $90 per one-hour session.

Spots fill up quickly. Inquire about availability.

For more information, or to reserve a coaching slot, contact me at

I spend a lot of my time researching and interviewing, and thus have become a subject matter expert on a variety of topics. I've been asked to consult for companies that revolve around dating, relationships, psychology, wellness and more. I've been asked to run courses on developing ideas and pitching media, going beyond a traditional PR role. I combine vision for change, psych-based research, practical knowledge with accessible advice. Whether you're looking for an advisor for your company, a field researcher, or something else, let's talk. Consulting rate is $150 per one-hour session.

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