April 18, 2017
Are you ready to find The One? Good. I’m ready to help you find love, too.

My philosophy

Look around. If you’re a Gen-Xer or millennial, you know how complicated relationships can be -- and you probably don’t have two friends who met their significant other the same way. My coaching philosophy is this: People are complex, and there is no one “right way” to find the love of your life. I’ve spent the entirety of my career interviewing singles and couples, devising systems for creating fulfilling and lasting relationships.

I will give you the skills to make strong decisions in your love life. I will teach you to understand the role of timing, and how to adapt the age-old “rules” that aren’t working for you. Love is about being smart, yet recognizing the moments when your gut tells you it’s okay to go all in. I’ve interviewed couples who chucked their checklists when met The One, eloping instantly. I’ve also interviewed couples who took a decade to commit, and are now happily married with children. Love can happen anytime, anywhere, any way. My goal is to help you recognize the great potential connections that come along in your life. Every love story is unique; my job, as your coach, is to help you find yours.

Note: All fees must be paid upfront, and coaching time slots pre-established.

My experience

I’ve been writing, advising and researching relationships and dating for the past six years as a journalist. I’ve performed hundreds of in-depth interviews with singles, couples, researchers, therapists, psychologists, sociologists and other experts in the field of love to understand what makes modern relationships really work. I am currently Yahoo’s dating and relationship advice columnist. I am author of the forthcoming self-help book THE LOVE GAP, to be published in January 2018 by Grand Central Life & Style. I created a dynamic interview process for the book, giving advice based on my own observations about relationships, as well as scientific evidence. After months of discussing love with my interviewees and dozens of requests to become an adviser, I decided to pursue coaching.

I know relationships inside and out, and I’m devoted to helping you find The One. Nothing gives me more joy. (Seriously. Ask all my friends, family, interviewees and editors.)

My pricing

For à la carte one-on-one coaching, the price is $150 per one-hour session, where I can help you work through relationship problems or tackle any dating issues where you want feedback.

Coaching packages are meant for those who want and need a plan for building strong relationships and ultimately finding real love. Some want a full-fledged love-life makeover, others just need a refresher course in how to date effectively for their goals, so there are currently four tiers of coaching to meet your needs. Before each coaching package kicks off, I will send you an in-depth questionnaire so we can get the most out of each session.

“Mini” Coaching Package (4 weeks) $1200

1 one-hour intro session
3 one-hour coaching sessions
Email coaching

“Starter” Coaching Package (8 weeks) $2000

1 one-hour intro session
7 half-hour coaching sessions
Email coaching

“Exclusive” Coaching Package (16 weeks) $3500

1 one-hour intro session
15 one-hour coaching sessions
Email coaching

“Committed” Coaching Package (32 weeks) $5000

1 two-hour intro session
31 one-hour coaching sessions
Email coaching
Phone access

For more information, or to reserve a coaching slot, contact me at

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