February 28, 2018
Are you ready to finally become a writer or find The One? Good. People ask me for help all the time, and I’m ready to help you, too!

Note: All fees must be paid upfront, and coaching time slots pre-established.


I've been a journalist, essayist, columnist and women's magazine writer for nearly eight years now. If you want to know how to find salable ideas, craft a pitch, communicate with editors, land assignments, compile a rolodex of expert contacts, research, report and deliver quality content for this modern tech-based universe, I can teach you. My past and present clients have included Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Man Repeller, Health, SELF, O, Real Simple, ELLE, Women's Health, and many more. I am also author of THE LOVE GAP, a dating and relationship guide for modern career women (published in January 2018 by Grand Central Life & Style).

I’ve been writing, advising and researching relationships and dating for the past six years. I’ve performed hundreds of in-depth interviews with singles, couples, researchers, therapists, psychologists, sociologists and other experts in the field of love to understand what makes modern relationships really work. I am currently Yahoo’s dating advice columnist, and a Psychology Today relationship expert. I am author of the self-help book THE LOVE GAP, to help single women navigate a confusing dating landscape.

I know both writing and relationships inside and out, and I’m devoted to helping you find either. Or both. Nothing gives me more joy. (Seriously. Ask all my friends, family, interviewees and editors.)

My pricing

Right now, I am offering à la carte one-on-one coaching for $150 per one-hour session, where you're free to pick my brain about writing or love. Prior to our coaching call, I'll ask you to write down a list of three core areas where you'd like help, so we're both on the same page going in.

For more information, or to reserve a coaching slot, contact me at

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