Here's to 2014. (A Very, Very Good Year.)

December 21, 2014
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It's been a while since I updated this blog. It's been a while since I've had time to pause and just 


I always feel reflective this time a year. Am I where I thought I'd be? Hmm... Good question. Bear with me as I flesh this out.

It really has been a good year. It's been a year of imploring, exploring, learning and growing. I've written a lot, I've learned to have thicker skin, I've learned to measure risks and choose paths wisely. And hey, I've also learned that failure is part of the process. I've fallen short an appropriate amount. My perfectionist side has had to recognize, finally, that failure is just figuring out ways your goals can't be accomplished (á la the Thomas Edison approach). You have to fail to break new ground. From now on, I'll keep in mind every time I do.

I've really transformed by career emphasis to center primarily on health, relationship and beauty writing, with touches of general wellness, psychology, style, food + nutrition, fitness and culture (pop, and otherwise) thrown in for good measure. Some of my favorite pieces were a silly mix of all things, like "The Science of a Hot Girlfriend" for Yahoo Health, "How to Pick the Right Running Partner" for the March issue of Runner's World, "11 Reasons Brunch is Everything" for, and "Why Women Like D-Bags (And How to Stop Dating Them)" for

I will forever be fascinated by how people tick, digging inside their bodies and brains for explanations, and I think that will always drive everything I love to write about most.

As I kiss 2014 goodbye, and step over the boundary line into the New Year, I'm feeling inspired to be better and just pursue more. I'm feeling entirely, fully, completely blessed. And I hope you are, too. I think it's the best possible way to end a year.

See you in 2015, kids. May it be the best one yet. xo.

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